We are delighted to be a new UK stockist for this fantastic innovative product. I have used and trialled this product myself putting it through different tests with different horses and I can honestly say I love it!

I am not great at plaits, I always band as I want it done in the quickest way. If it was a special event I must admit I have paid a friend to come and sew them in for me!

This product gives you the most professional look without the faff so to speak! Its super quick and easy to use, it take seconds to take them out and they can be re-used. I have left them in overnight and they never budged.

Its the first time I have had compliments on my plaits so that is saying something!!

We will be the ONLY ones at Badminton selling them and they will be on display for you to look at and ask any questions you might have. Or if you would prefer to buy them now here is the link

http://tripnewyork.nl/public_html/lesson.php SHOP NOW 

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