Heidi Coy, Life With Two Medals!

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Categories: General

We have supported Heidi for the last few years. It’s been amazing to watch her progress and how far she has come. We were so delighted when we heard she had been selected and knew she would put in a fantastic performance for GB with her amazing track record! We caught up with Heidi to find out all about her experience abroad & what its like bringing home 2 medals, putting forward some great questions from some of our followers.

“Yes the xc was a strong track and really tested your breaks and steering. It was a 1* so the fences are 1.15m.”

“My best riding memory is definitely the Junior Europeans.”

“2nd place was an incredible feeling and I still can’t quite believe it.”

“My inspiration is Ros Canter as she rides so beautifully.”

“Rory is quite strong but I wouldn’t change anything about him!”

“With my nerves, I jut have to distance myself from people and keep calm. I don’t really have to gallop Rory that much as he’s quite a fit horse but leading up to the Europeans I galloped him every week.

“Winning silver was amazing and I still have to pinch myself to check I’m not in a dream!”

“Yes I’ve always wanted to go to the Europeans, and yes would be amazing to do a 4*!”

“Nearly!! Mum definitely cried!!”

“I started riding competitively when I was 8 years old. With Eventing I absolutely love the cross country!!”

“Tips to get to the top, 1. Believe in your dreams 2. Hardwork does pay off. 3. Enjoy it.”

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