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Posted on June 7, 2017 by Categories: Michelle Pritchard

It’s been a weird start to our eventing season! I had worked hard over winter to prepare promise for a couple of early season unaffiliated runs with the view that once she had a couple of runs under her belt she could then chill out for a few weeks once grass came through, and Perc could be more of a priority and try to get some regional qualifications in the bag!

We started at the EMDG ode at lovely Osberton, where she was fab to lead the dressage then unfortunately I was a bit backward and she had the first sj down then jumped a lovely round. She was mega xc and did a lovely fluent clear, but sack the jockey…I walked course wrong and jumped wrong way up the bank so sadly was eliminated!!! Gutted!! She was fab though so I was really pleased and excited to get her out again.

A few weeks after that I took Percy to Breckenborough for the 100. I had a rough time there last year so was keen to go and have a good run and get the season off to a good start! He did a nice test, one unfortunate pole down (my fault!) And then we flew xc, just getting 3.2 time pens…for first event of the season that is super quick for me as I’m a slow coach!!!! I love my pony!!!

Unfortunately that was where it ended for us, as despite being entered for Bradwall and Chatsworth, there was a bug on the yard and so we were on lockdown for the next 6 weeks to ensure that we didn’t spread anything. Such a shame as I love Chatsworth and it’s our local event, but that’s horses I guess! It did give me lots of time to shop though and it was fab to see the SXC stand doing so well over the weekend, i love my new riding leggings…so comfy!!

So promise has had an extended holiday and is just coming in now to get fit and hopefully aim for some unaff events in the next few months and perc has been practicing his dressage skills…lots! Once we were ‘free’ I went to Shelford which is a favourite of mine, but it wasn’t our day. Dressage was lovely, until I went wrong! Sj perc seemed to misjudge a fence and how I stayed on I don’t know. And xc I should have put studs in as he slipped all over and I rode v backwards…so I think I’ll leave that day as a write off and just say it was lovely to be back out!! Lol!!
Onwards to Speetley next week and then Catton which are two lovely events, and hoping that I can bag at least one regional ticket…wish me luck!!

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