Caitlin Cox- End of Season Update

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Categories: General

My 2021 season has been full of change. Just a few weeks before her first event of the year, Sylvie injured her tendon for the second time which forced her early retirement. I had to make the difficult decision to sell her as a broodmare after 4 years together.

I started my season on Freya feeing optimistic after a winter of training. However, after two consecutive events of not making it past the showjumping, along with a very inconsistent season the year before, I came to the realisation that we were not suited as a partnership and also sold Freya to a wonderful home shortly after Sylvie.

This was a very bleak time for me. I did consider giving up eventing all together and just keeping Ping, who was recovering from a fractured leg, to ride non-competitively.

But that was when Pongo walked into my life. He was a former show horse, but he took to eventing like a duck to water. He came 5th at his first unaffiliated event, double clear at his first BE and came 2nd at Richmond BE90 on a dressage score of 23! His enthusiasm really sparked my love for the sport again and I’m very glad I found him.

However, the highlight of my 2021 season was my horse of a lifetime, Ping, returning to full health. Last year, he fractured his leg and we weren’t sure whether he would ever jump again. He went through surgery to remove 5 fragments of bone, as well as ultrasound treatment for the related ligament and tendon injuries. After a long rehab, I decided he was ready to have a run at Allerton BE100. He flew round like he’d had no time off and went double clear! It was such a sense of relief to make it to the finish line with him sound. 

I am taking the winter to train for next season, as well as have some fun doing BS. Hopefully the boys can come out in March 2022 at their best! 

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