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Posted on January 25, 2019 by Categories: General

Horse & Hound announce which outstanding equestrian products earnt the prestigious ‘Best in Test’ status during 2018. We were delighted to win in two categories, the ‘Best Summer Riding Gloves‘ & The ‘Best Lightweight Summer Riding Leggings‘ 

A wide range of more than 50 types of products have been extensively tested throughout the year by H&H’s team of professional riders & yards. To receive recognition for products I have designed, developed, manufactured and tested myself is an incredible feeling.

The winner is selected by the professional rider and their team testing between five and ten items from leading equestrian brands over a period of at least six weeks. Each was scored out of 10 across four relevant categories.

Our gloves scored 9/10 

Our leggings scored 10/10 

Its now given me even more confidence in my own products and made me more determined to carry on producing more new high quality products at affordable prices. 



Horse & Hound’s Best in Test awards: find out who won

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