Sarah-Jane Brown out in action…

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Categories: General, Sarah Jane Brown


Following the typical up and down year the season seems to be tailing off. We have just come back from a really good time at the Blenheim Eventers challenge and Bicton show jumping show. So Ellie (my 14.2!) will be doing a little more show jumping and has a couple more BE events planned at BE90 level at Bricky and Calmsden, she is also having lots of training using grids and poles to help her sit in the canter and learn to use her jump more. I am also having to learn to adapt my riding style to suit a

smaller horse!! Posy has had a busy year and is not taking it a bit quieter we may do another BE100 or may just focus on show jumping until

she has a little holiday.


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