SXC Sequin Hoodies

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SXC Sequin Hoodies


Dark Grey Hoody/Pink Hood, Pockets & Stars, Dark Grey Hoody/Silver Hood, Pockets & Stars, Dark Grey Hoody/Silver Pockets, Hoods & Badge, Dark Grey/Aqua Hood, Pockets & Badge, Grey Hoody/Aqua Pockets & Badge, Grey Hoody/Aqua Pockets/SXC Badge, Grey Hoody/Aqua Sequin Pockets/SXC Badge, Grey Hoody/Pink Sequin Pockets, Hood & Stars, Grey Hoody/Silver Sequin Pockets & SXC Badge, Navy Hoody/Rose Gold Hood & Pockets, Navy Hoody/Sequin Hood & Pockets Alternate Silver/Blue Stars, Navy Hoody/Silver Sequin Hood, Pockets & Stars, Navy Hoody/Turquoise Pockets & Stars, Teal Pull over Hoody with Silver Hood, Pockets & Stars, Turquoise Hoody/Hood, Pockets & Badge, Turquoise Hoody/Silver Hood, Stars & Blue Pockets, Turquoise Hoody/Silver Pockets & Stars


Large 14-16 UK, Medium 10-12 UK, XS 6-8UK, 12-14 – Medium, UK 6, UK 16, 8-10 – Small


Stunning SXC Sequin Hoodies available in a range of different colours with or without sequin hoodie, sequin pockets, SXC badge or stars. Choose from the drop down list your desired amount of sparkle!