Add Printing to your Hat Silk

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-Made your hat silk even more unique

-Add text, your favourite phase, or initials to your hat silk

-Choose from the options to locate the position of where you want it printing on the silk

-Choose from all the lovely colours available 

-Add this product and your bespoke hat silk to checkout at the same time for it to be applied. 


Here you can add text or initials to your bespoke hat silk, just add your chosen silk to cart and then add this  item with your options selected from the lists. Checkout at the same time and this will be applied to your hat silk. 

Additional information

Shape Colour 1

Amber, Aqua, Aqua Glitter (Textured), Baby Pink, Black, Black Glitter (Textured), Black Pearl (Metallic), Black Sparkle (Smooth), Blue Glitter (Textured), Bottle Green, Bright Sky Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Burgundy Glitter (Textured), Burnt Orange (Metallic), Cappuccino, Cerise, Copper Glitter (Textured), Cream, Deep Orange, Dove Grey, Emerald, Emerald Glitter (Textured), Flo Green, Flo Orange, Flo Pink, Flo Purple, Flo Yellow, Frappe, Fuchsia Pearl (Metallic), Gold (Metallic), Gold Glitter (Textured), Gold Sparkle (Smooth), Green, Green Glitter (Textured), Green Sparkle (Smooth), Grey, Hot Pink Glitter (Textured), Ice Blue, Lavender, Lavender Glitter (Textured), Lavender Pearl (Metallic), Light Aqua, Lilac, Lime, Mint, Navy, Not Applicable, Orange, Pink, Pink Glitter (Textured), Pink Sparkle (Smooth), Plum, Purple, Purple Glitter (Textured), Purple Heather, Rainbow (Multi Coloured), Red, Red (Metallic), Red Glitter (Textured), Red Sparkle (Smooth), Reflective, Rose Gold Copper, Rose Gold Glitter (Textured), Rose Gold Pink, Royal Blue, Royal Glitter (Textured), Royal Pearl (Metallic), Royal Sparkle (Smooth), Silver (Metallic), Silver Glitter (Textured), Sky Blue, Turquoise, White, White Glitter (Textured), White Sparkle (Smooth), Yellow


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