Iphone & Samsung various sizes to clear

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Various colours / designs / sizes to choose from the drop down boxes to clear

No refunds or exchanges 

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7/8 plus white glitter stars, 7/8 plus pink glitter stars, 7/8plus black glitter stars, 7/8 plus rose gold pink stars, 7/8 plus gold glitter stars, 7/8 plus SXC Design, 6/6s plus small glitter stars, 6/6s plus pink glitter stars, 6/6s plus rainbow stars, 6/6s plus camo stars, 6/6s plus rose gold pink stars, 6/6s plus black sparkle stars, 6/6s plus SXC Design, S9 SXC Design, S9 plus SXC Design, iPhone X silver glitter stars, iPhone X pink glitter stars, iPhone XR Copper glitter stars, iPhone XR Animal Print stars, iPhone 6/6s SXC design, iPhone 6/6s Copper Glitter stars, iPhone 6/6s Rose gold pink stars, iPhone 6/6s gold glitter stars, iPhone 6/6s rainbow stars, Iphone 11 silver stars, Iphone 11 Rose gold pink stars, iPhone 11 Pro camo stars, Iphone 11 pro max silver glitter stars, Iphone 5 Silver glitter stars, Iphone 5 animal stars, Iphone 5 full sparkle glitter, Iphone 5 SXC design, iPhone 6/6s plus Marble with ring


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