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Now I have been keeping an eye on some fantastic up and coming male riders, and I am delighted to welcome Roan Grant to our fantastic line of team riders this year. Roan is based milesssss away from where we are based however its really nice to be able to get SXC as far North as you can go! Roan has a stunning horse and they are both progressing extremely well in the levels of Eventing. They are super active on Instagram and have a following worth shouting about. We bring you Roan’s first blog to get to know him more…


My names Roan Grant and I’m a passionate and enthusiastic event rider based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Currently I have been riding and getting ready to event two horses, called Caballo Rojo (Will) and FP Crackerjack (Jack). Will and I currently are competing at BE100, after moving up late last season due to a really successful start at BE90. I truly love Eventing! It’s a great sport, full of great people. My favourite part of Eventing has to be the cross country, the bond between the horse and rider while galloping cross country is phenomenal an there truly isn’t a word to describe the feeling you get when you leave the start box.

What is your favourite phase?

Will and I enjoy every phase of Eventing, and love to dance our way through the dressage however my favourite phase is the cross country, being able to ride in an open canter, whilst flying over big and scary fences, gives you the most amazing adrenaline.

What is your favourite SXC product? 

So Far, I have the SXC sportsline gloves, and a navy turtleneck baselayer! I adore both products so much and it’s really difficult to choose between them, however I think my baselayer is probably at the top of the list. The baselayer is super comfortable, soft and allows the air to circulate through, keeping you cool whilst your in the cross country course, I highly recommend them both to anyone who does Eventing.

What is your top tip for someone wanting to start Eventing? 

My top tip to anyone who wants to start Eventing would be to make sure you are 100% positive. Being half-hearted to a bold cross country fence rarely goes very well! Make sure you sit up, ride forward and keep your leg on, through it or over it!

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