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Posted on January 17, 2018 by Categories: Becci Harrold, General

2018 I have sworn to be as unique as possible, be able to offer you the most varied styles, colours and designs, different to what anyone else can offer. We strive to offer the very best customer service and I am proud of our facebook reviews, lovely email messages and most of all the recommendations to family and friends that you share. We have grown so much organically due to this and I am so grateful for all your support. I never thought when starting SXC it could support not only myself as a rider but other riders and employees.

It makes me want to be bigger and better than everyone else and I always set my sights high. For those of you who have ordered from us previously know we offer a 4-7 working day turnaround for all your custom orders (not including xmas! Yikes that was challenging this year!) , this makes us stand out alone. Order your colours at the weekend and get them for your following weekend event.

We love hearing your feedback, seeing your pictures of all our products in action. Every time I get one through it makes me smile and means so much. Keep them coming we love to share them. We set ourselves a goal to reach 10,000 instagram followers before the end of 2017 and we made it! Now at 11,500 its growing fast which leads me onto the next bit, taking SXC further than I thought was possible.

We are working with some very exciting people for 2018, we have a very knowledgable business coach on board to guide with us decisions, products, marketing, advertising opportunities, articles, riders, etc etc she is going to be a huge asset this year.

There will be a new sponsored rider joining the team who is just fabulous with social media and a real character. I have followed her progress all last year and I really do love her vlogs, so I am excited to be able to support her and it will hopefully give SXC a new vlogging side to share with you all which we haven’t done before.

As for products our signature range the XC colours takes a really exciting turn with base layers being made as we speak in the UK in 3 extra colours that we don’t currently offer and that are very hard to get hold off customised. One sneak preview is the turquoise which we have already shared with you all, we often get asked about this colour every week so I can’t wait to be able to offer it to you for under £25 with technical material and features that can also be customised for the XC field or just worn on a daily basis for everyone who loves that colour, I know I do. And for it to be made in the UK supporting British Manufacturing is just a cherry on top of the cake joining our British made hat silks, I couldn’t be happier.

I must say its not always singing and dancing though as we have really come up against oversea Manufactures and suffered at the hands of fraud which did set us back over 6 months in more ways than one. I guess if it was easy everyone would be doing it! It made me more determined than ever and from this we have gained a European Manufacturer who is currently making my second lot of samples which I am so excited to see. This means we will be able to launch our designs finally for our trade shows this spring, full details on which ones will be advertised soon!

Below are a few of our new 2018 designs.

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