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Posted on November 14, 2017 by Categories: Michelle Pritchard

So after my last blog we headed to the regional finals at Shelford Manor in August. We had a competitive dressage and I was up there going into the sj! Sadly he just tapped one pole in an otherwise fab round. Unfortunately this lead to me getting pretty upset given the amount of the season we had missed so far and my desperation to try and qualify in this one chance! In hindsight I shouldn’t have run XC as my head wasn’t in it…we got round but due to his generosity and not my riding so the less said about that the better!!

Onto Frickley park in September, a favourite of mine! I dropped down to 90 to have a confidence run after the disastrous run a few weeks before. I couldn’t have asked for any more, we finished on our dressage to win our section 😁 I was so proud of him, even when I have a meltdown he doesn’t hold it against me and just comes out game the next time…I’m so lucky to have him!! Frickley also boasts fantastic prize money so the drinks were on me that night!!

Sadly that was where our season was again brought to an abrupt end. The day after Frickley Percy was very lame and had a fat leg! A vet visit and some drugs later we still don’t know what exactly caused the swelling…although randomly a possible snake bite was mentioned!!! Needless to say he is fine now and enjoyed a nice break but is now coming back into some work ready for a winter of dressage and sj!
Promise was sadly a victim of the bug in my previous blog, and so she wasn’t able to return to work until the start of October…glad I didn’t register her BE for 2017!! I don’t think the break has done her any harm though, she is almost 17hh now and stronger than ever so I can’t wait to get cracking over winter! She won her first dressage outing and has been placed unaff sj too so that’s a ‘Promising’ start!!
My thanks once again go to the fantastic Super X country, who have supported me for another year! I’m so grateful and they continue to grow which is great to see and even better to be part of! I am looking forward to seeing the new competition jods….roll on next March when I can get out of that start box and test them properly!!! Happy winter all 😊

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