Matching Sets Plus Hat Silks to Match Le Mieux

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Its become a very popular part of the equestrian wardrobe, being able to match your horse from head to toe. We decided to post what we have available in some of the most popular sets to make sure you and your horse look the part! * Please note these hat silks are not are 100% match to the Le Mieux, we have tried to capture the colour as best we can, however some many vary due to different fabric rolls. All our silks are made in the UK and are off the highest quality.

Marron/Burgundy Fans

Shop our matching hat silks and select Maroon/Burgundy from the drop down box to get this look. This silk has black stars printed and a black faux fur pompom RRP £16.99 for plain RRP £25.00 for printed faux fur

Want to take it next level? We have personalised tops to match, these start from just £48.99 in your choice of design and colour. The starburst sets are also very popular at £66.99

Blueberry Fans

Now the best match we could find for the Blueberry fans is our purple. When your riding in this the match looks great. You can again personalise with any shape, pompom and colour. We are currently working on a top to match.

Emerald Green Fans

We do a perfect emerald green to match the Free Jump stirrups. This one is teamed up with a fawn faux fur pompom RRP £16.99 perfect gift idea too if you know someone with these.

Cornflower Blue Fans

Cornflower blue I personally love! And I really happy with the match we have found. Pictured is one of our signature hat silks with wool pompom. All our silks are handmade her in the UK, so by purchasing from us you are supporting local British trade and workers providing the finest quality and quick turnaround just for you. These silks start from £15.00. A matching top is also now available plain or with your chosen design.


Teal Fans

Now this one I love! Its such a pretty colour and we have managed to find the best match possible which looks great customised or even just plain.

For something a bit different we have a stunning crushed teal hat silk which come with our new metal embossed tags.

Shop the new crushed velvet range here

Tangerine Fans!

New colour new hat silk! This match looks great.

Peacock Green Fans! 

Now we call this our ‘Teal’ but on the Le Mieux Hat silk item we call it the same ‘Peacock Green’ so there is no confusion! However if you are wanting to order the matching top you will need to visit this link and select ‘Teal’ definitely one of my favourites!

Navy Fans

Keeping it classy! Our navy silks go perfectly, and can be customised however you like.

Forest Green Fans

Such a rich a lovely colour, looks fantastic on the horse !

Lime Fans

Wow now this one is a statement! Plus we do a matching top now!!!!

Mustard Fans

A lovely bright number to stand out from the crowd!

Caramel Fans

This one is lovely and although looks a little lighter than the pad, looks fantastic when ridden in. The raccoon faux fur just compliments it so well too.

Beige Fans

You can get away using your caramel hat silk on the beige as well for a great match!

Terracotta Fans

This is a new one we have managed to source this week, its definitely not exact, but when worn looks lovely.

Coral Red

For those stand out riders who choose to ride in red we have a fabulous match

I have now set up a dedicated product under Hat Silks where you can order all the best Le Mieux hat silk matches.



Our latest colour chart with the best matches we can find

Please note they do look different in some lights and are not an exact match. This is the closest we could find available. 

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