Lucy & Luna off to the dark side…

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What a couple of months Luna and I have had; I’ve been busy with my first year of vet school, as well as cialis eli lilly exams and placement so cialis insomnie it’s dosage viagra been so nice to have some time off just to concentrate on Luna. Having been advised by the vet to just train

and compete Luna on a surface due to a large growth spurt that affected her feet; we’ve come to the conclusion that this is why her dressage marks had started to drop.

So off to the dark side of BD we went; our first trip out to BD at Field House was a complete success! It was the first time that I’d ever ridden Luna in a long arena test but she was absolutely fab coming away with two wins with two 70%+ tests. She also came away with another fab test at the BD at Tushingham to qualify us for the Area Festival at Prelim level; I plan to head to the Area Festival at Allens Hill so fingers crossed Luna struts her stuff! I now aim to qualify for the winter regionals at prelim level, starting with two tests at the BD at Rodbaston this coming weekend.

I’ve also been concentrating a lot on mine and Luna’s jumping as this is one of our weaker phases. I’ve been working really hard on keeping my upper body up and remembering to give over the fences because as the fences get bigger I cialis gdynia need to allow her some more room. The hard work seems to be paying off as we’ve been jumping double clear a lot more often than we were 3 months ago which gives me such an

amazing feeling, as well as hope for the next event season.


My main aims for the winter are to move Luna up to BD Novice, once she’s qualified for the Prelim Winter Regionals and hopefully qualify her for the Area Festival and Regionals at this level as well. I also want to be competing at 1m and 1.10 consistently and getting more of those double clears in so as to set me up perfectly for the next season of eventing. All of this as well as starting my second year of veterinary school and being social secretary for my university rugby team! As they say no rest for the wicked J

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