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Posted on May 29, 2019 by Categories: Kate Sanderson
It was all go, go, go on the lead up to Hartpury. For months and months it seemed that the BD Championships was all I had to focus on and trying to fit in any form of training inbetween work commitments with trying to keep all the horses in some form of fitness in short daylight hours was proving very difficult. Being honest, I felt totally unprepared. Everyone else I had spoken to had been having lessons every week throughout all the winter, where as I just managed to cram three lessons in with the wonderful Bobby Hayler just within a month before we were due to depart.
I was pleased with both the horses at Hartpury, no top 10 placings but big learning curves for them both. Hillgarth Rachelian got a bit hot under the pressure and I lost some rideability but we were only 3% behind the top few and at only 6 years old she has her whole life ahead of her and I’m sure next time she competes under pressure she will be more confident.
With Cefncoch Crusader it was just a blessing to have him there. At 18 he isn’t getting any younger and he’s taking a lot more management with his crickety joints nowadays. He lit up the entire time at Hartpury and made me smile the whole time as as soon as he heard the tannoys he thought he was back out eventing! His first few movements were a bit giggly, and he did take it upon himself to dart across the arena sideways at a small child rolling down the grass hill, no top 10 placing but he did win the highest placed Veteran Award!
All being honest after Hartpury I felt a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders. I just felt it had always been what we had been aiming for (through year long period with Petplan qualifications!) and all of a sudden it was over? All I seemed to have done the past 18 months fancy footwork and pony dancing, having had changed originally from eventing 2 years ago having lost the eventing buzz a bit, and as soon as Hartpury was out the way with all I’ve been able to think about is getting back into that start box again (and of course wearing my SXC Colours!)
I’m hoping to get back into eventing real soon with Hillgarth Rachelian, we are back in full swing with our jumping and she feels incredible. We’ve had some bashes at Working Hunter as some fun and even won our first affiliated show in the NPS Novice M&M WHP. Baby Ross is still out and learning all the ropes. Im hoping to aim for Kirkley Hall BE the second weekend of June, inbetween once again starting the first round of Petplan Area Festivals which I’m super excited about- I think I’ve found my eventing buzz back again!

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