Super X Country

Here you can design your own custom cross country colours online using our new fancy designer! Our most popular design ‘Star Burst’ is unique to SXC and can be printed in any colour you want! We have also introduced a ‘Eco’ Range which includes many different shapes to make sure you stand out from the crowd, retailing at just £48.99 for a breathable custom set! We also have one of the best hat silk designers with over 50 different shades and 100 different printing options and colour combinations.

Whether you need to match a colour up to something or are starting from new, we give you the option to view your design before purchasing. The best news is our SXC sets only take 4-7 working days, which means you can have them ready for your next event!

For everyone who loves the traditional style we still have our rugby and sweatshirt sets which are also available to customise.